Induction Pipe and Tube Bending Equipment

An induction pipe bending machine is a specialized machine that uses induction heating to heat a section of pipe to a specific temperature before bending it to a desired shape. The process can be used to bend pipes made of a wide variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and copper.

The basic principle of induction pipe bending is that an induction heating coil is used to heat a specific section of pipe to a precise temperature before it is bent. The heating coil is placed around the section of pipe that needs to be bent, and high-frequency electrical current is passed through the coil, creating an electromagnetic field that heats the pipe. The pipe is then bent using a bending die or a press to the desired shape.

There are two main types of induction pipe bending machines: the two-axis and three-axis machines. The two-axis machines are used for simple and common pipe bending, while the three-axis machines are used for more complex and precise pipe bending applications.


  • Bending Pipe min. OD 219

    Bending Pipe min. OD 219

  • Rectangular Tube Bending

    Rectangular Tube Bending

  • Porject for Poland Customer

    Porject for Poland Customer

  • Project for Canadian Customer

    Project for Canadian Customer

  • I-Beam Bending

    I-Beam Bending

  • Hydrulic Pipe Bending Machine

    Hydrulic Pipe Bending Machine

  • Control Panel

    Control Panel

Benefits of using Induction Pipe Bending include:

High precision: The induction heating process allows for precise control of the pipe temperature, which in turn allows for precise control of the bend radius and angle.

High efficiency: The induction heating process is very efficient, which means that the pipe can be heated to the correct temperature very quickly. This results in a faster production rate and reduced production costs.

Safety: Induction heating is a safe process as it does not produce any open flames or hot surfaces, making it a safe option for workplace.

Versatility: Induction pipe bending machines can bend a wide range of pipe materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, and more.

Repeatability: Induction pipe bending machines can produce consistent and repeatable results, which is important in many industrial applications where precise pipe shapes are required.

Consistency: Since the pipe is heated to a specific temperature, there will be less variation in the finished product, resulting in more consistent and better quality finished pipes.

No Material Distortion : With induction pipe bending, the heat is concentrated on the surface of the pipe, minimizing the risk of any internal distortion and maintains the material's integrity.

Induction pipe bending machines are widely used in various industries like automotive, aerospace, construction, and many more where precise and efficient pipe bending is required.

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Maximum Pipe OD 1020mm
Maximum Wall thickness100mm
Maximum Radius 2.5D to 40D
Bending angle0-182° 
Angle tolerance ±0.2°
Radius tolerance ≤5mm
Wall Thickness Reduction≤10%
Type of materialCarbon steels, stainless steels, special alloys


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● Can bend different shape pipe & beam: Square & Rectangle and I & L- Beams

● Can bend pipes and beams in different material: Carbon & Alloy steel, Stainless steel

● Can bend different type of pipes: Seamless pipe & Welded pipe

● Bending Radius and Angle can be adjusted within certain range

● Pipe heated uniformly by Induction Machine brings Good Quality of the bends: Very less Distortion, very less Wall Reduction and good quality.

● Pipe heated fast by Induction Machine brings High Efficiency, Low operating cost and low energy consumption

● Can be operated in Auto & Manual mode

● Whole machine is controlled by PLC with touch panel. Bending Speed can be monitored on the control station.

● Infrared Thermometer controls heating temperature and can Record

● Central Control station control induction heating, hydraulic system and bending speed, heating current, oil pressure, bending speed can be inspected on the control station.

● Hydraulic control for pipe pushing, pipe clamping, radius arm adjusting, clamper open and close.

● Equipped with infrared thermometer to inspect heating temperature

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