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Forging of Nail Puller & Chisel

Forging of Nail Puller

Induction Forging of Crowbar Nail Puller and Chisel 

Crowbar Nail Puller A labor tool, widely used in the repair and maintenance of railway rail. The principle of leverage is used to make objects that cannot be moved by human forces overcome the gravitational force to tilt and displace the objects from the ground. A crowbar is a great construction tool and hardware tool. The crowbar does not need to use the nail-lifting pad in the process of railway maintenance and operation, and can be widely used in ordinary wooden sleeper turnouts. The crowbar is also a tool that we often see in our daily life. There are hexagonal crowbar, round crowbar and flat crowbar.

The crowbar, which is heated by induction heating equipment and closed die forged, is strong and durable, and is mainly used for railway maintenance and mining.

A medium frequency induction heating furnace is used to heat the metal to get the desired crowbar forging shapes. As the dies press together, the material is forced to fill the impressions, and the excess metal (flash) is squeezed out. Die forging is the best method to meet tolerances, and results in finished parts that are completely filled and produced with the least amount of flashing.

If you are a hardware tools manufacturer and you haven’t use induction heating machine in your production, please send us your inquiry. TY Induction will provide you with a total solution with its rich experience.

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