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Induction Shrink Fitting

Induction Shrink Fitting

Induction Shrink fitting is a method of using the principle of thermal expansion and contraction to achieve the purpose of interference fit. The shrink fitting process is completed at a higher temperature, and it is necessary to ensure that the temperature of the fitting must be higher than the temperature of the workpiece, that is, the shrink fitting process is suitable for the connection of workpieces working at lower temperatures.

Induction Shrink-fitting technology is a process that requires no other subsequent steps. Whether mounting cams or gears on the shaft, or inserting the shaft into the housing, shrink fit technology is a much safer and more sustainable process. Through temperature control, it can precisely match the geometric dimensions of the workpiece, and can assemble precision components with complex structures. 

Advantages of Induction Shrink-fitting technology:

l  Very high assembly accuracy, no post-processing required after assembly

l  The weight of the workpiece is reduced and the raw material is greatly saved

l  The workpiece is not deformed after assembly

l  Different materials can be used in combination

l  The order of assembly of parts can be freely selected

l  Angular and axial position can be chosen arbitrarily

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