Chain Induction Hardening and Tempering Line

Elevate Your Industrial Processes with TY INDUCTION

With over 15 years of global expertise, TY INDUCTION introduces its advanced Chain Induction Hardening and Tempering Line. Our specialized team of metallurgists and engineers ensures precision and excellence in industrial heat treatment.

This cutting-edge technology optimizes heat treatment processes, providing superior hardness and strength to chains across diverse industries.

Whether in the automotive sector, manufacturing, agriculture, material handling, mining, construction, power transmission, oil and gas, rail and transportation,renewable energy, or general manufacturing, TY INDUCTION's solutions cater to a wide array of applications. Our strengths lie in offering comprehensive and customizable solutions, advanced control systems, proven durability, and ongoing support from a team of experienced experts.

Choose TY INDUCTION for Chain Induction Hardening and Tempering solutions that redefine durability, reliability, and performance across various industrial sectors! Contact us!


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