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Boiler Stubs Removal by Induction

Boiler Stubs Removal by Induction

TY Induction provides Induction Heater for Boiler Tube Stub Removal with portable transformer and induction coil. The length of output cables can be range from 5 meters to 25 meters.

One of the works of boiler maintenance is to check the pipeline to see if there is any water leakage, air leakage, etc., if it is found, replace the damaged tube in time. Boiler tube replacing is to first cut the damaged tube from the drum, take out the old tube and then remove the tube stub, and finally clean the tube hole. When replacing boiler tubes, protection of the drum and header is highly required.

Due to the issues of the complex process, difficult removal, heavy work of the traditional Boiler Tube Stub Removal, and the damage of boiler drum wall and tubes during the removing process of boiler tube stub, Induction heating is more and more used in the removal of boiler tube stub due to its advantages of rapid heating, local heating, high efficiency and easy process control. The removal process using Induction Heating is simple and convenient, and the damage to the boiler tube wall and boiler tube hole is small, which is extremely valuable in the boiler repair.

Boilers are commonly used equipment in industrial production processes and are widely used in oil refineries. Since crude oil will fractionate different types of oil at different temperature stages, a boiler is required to provide heat energy for this purpose.

Using a boiler is the same as driving a car. If it is not maintained in time, the boiler will not be able to operate safely and reliably. In severe cases, the boiler will be unable to work and affect normal production. Therefore, boiler repair and maintenance are essential.

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