Induction Heater Services

At TY Induction, we design, manufacture, fabricate and repair induction heating equipment for a variety of applications. We take pride in building systems that are higher quality and lower maintenance than conventional heating equipment. Whether you are looking to upgrade a conventional furnace to an induction heating solution, or redesign, maintain or upgrade your current induction system, we can help! From smaller manufacturing processes to large, complex systems, we have the expertise, power supplies and equipment needed to get the job done!


Induction heating equipment made in TY Induction involves heating an electrically conductive material, such as copper or steel, by using controlled radiofrequency (RF) energy to create an electrical current within the object. Unlike other heating methods that rely on an external heat source to heat the material, induction heating circulates electrical currents to generate heat from within the object itself. Products that are induction heated use thermal conduction to quickly and evenly transfer the heat from the surface to the object to its core.

Advantages of induction heating

Increased energy efficiency and reduced energy costs

Scalable, controllable and repeatable manufacturing processes

Low maintenance costs compared to alternatives

Reduces the amount of scrap and defects

Uniform, controlled heating process

Flameless, safe heating process

Inductive applications

Induction Forging

Induction Hardening

Induction annealing

Induction Melting

Induction Bonding

Pipe Heating

Bar and Slab Forming

Induction Casting

Induction curing and coating

Induction Heat Shrink Fitting

What we can do for your induction heating system

Induction system design, construction, repair and replacement

Whether you want to replace your existing induction heating system or design and build an induction heating system for any application, we are ready to help! We offer induction systems for a wide variety of applications such as pipe and tube heating, forging and forming, bar and slab heating, heat treating, melting and more. Whether your system is very simple or complex with a large number of moving parts, we can help simplify and streamline your process or even incorporate your induction heating into a fully automated production line!