Induction Power Supplies/Converters

Induction Power Supplies

Induction heating power source for a variety of induction heating applications: annealing, bonding, brazing, carbide soldering iron tips, casting, melting, welding, etc. Induction heaters come with standard or custom induction heating coils to enhance the performance of all our induction heating equipment.

Induction heating is an ideal, fast and efficient non-contact heating method that uses an electromagnetic field to create an electric current in the material to heat the conductive material. At the same time, induction heating technology is very cost effective compared to all other heating methods.

TY Induction has a fully equipped and specialized laboratory to test and develop complete solutions based on individual customer needs. We can manufacture custom induction heaters and provide turnkey induction solutions for specific applications.TY Induction is unique in the induction heating industry with its intelligent power system: the most compact and innovative modular induction heater with outputs from 50kW to 400kW.This induction heater is a breakthrough innovation in induction heating technology with Direct Digital Step™ control algorithms and a unique configurable modular approach.

TY Induction If you're looking for an induction heating power supply, AMELT is the right choice for you. With power ranges from 50 kW to 12,000 kW, AMELT offers high-performance solutions for melting or heating ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Whether your application requires low, medium or high frequencies, we are committed to providing the most efficient products available.

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