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High-speed Rail Bolts Forging

High-speed Rail Bolts ForgingCompared with ordinary trains, high-speed trains have higher requirements for driving safety, which requires more reliable bolts that can effectively prevent falling off. Therefore, the forging requirements for high-speed rail bolts are also extremely high, and Induction Heating can ensure the forging quality of high-speed rail bolts.

Since the hot forging process is carried out at high temperature, High-speed Rail Bolts Forging by induction heating / Induction Forging has the following advantages:

l  The induction heating temperature can be controlled.

l  Forgings at high temperature have good plasticity

l  Low deformation resistance and easy to form

l  Hot forging is suitable for various materials

l  Especially suitable for processing large size bolts / nuts and special-shaped parts

l  Hot forging is especially good for extra-long and extra-short bolts

l  Hot forging avoids the problems of difficult forging, easy cracking and low yield of cold heading of alloy steel and stainless steel.

l  Hot forging has good forming performance and small forging force.

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