Material Handling System

TY Induction offers various Material Handling systems such as semi-automatic feeder, full-automatic loader and feeder, Rotary Feeder, fast extractor and Accept/Reject system. 

Full-automatic loader and feeder comprises of bin tipper, elevator loader, chain conveyor and in-feed pusher.The billet handling system is designed to accept billets from a tub / bin into a hopper to sort and feed billets end to end onto a variable speed exit conveyor.

The semi-automatic feeder is a specialized Material Handling Machine designed to semi-automate the feeding of billets to an induction forging machine. Billets are manually loaded onto storage area and automatically pushed into induction coil.

The fast extractor to transfer billets out of the coils with eccentric action to separate any billets welded together in the coil. The accept and reject system allows for quality control during the billet heating operation.Any billets which are above or below the specified temperature will automatically be rejected to one side of the billet heater into a container supplied by the Customer. Optical pyrometer with analog temperature indicator integrated with forge heating system controls.


  • Bin Tipper (Billet 150x400)

    Bin Tipper (Billet 150x400)

  • Full-automatic Loader & Feeder

    Full-automatic Loader & Feeder

  • Dual Fast Extractor

    Dual Fast Extractor

  • Single Fast Billet Extractor

    Single Fast Billet Extractor

  • Rotary Feeder

    Rotary Feeder


● Max. Billet Diameters: 150mm

● Max. Billet Length: 700mm

● Max. Billet Weight: 100kg

● Max. Billet Capacity: 5.0 ton

● Max. Output: 2.0 ton per hour


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  • Fast Extractor & Anti-adhesion

    Fast Extractor & Anti-adhesion

  • Full-automatic Loader & Feeder

    Full-automatic Loader & Feeder


● PLC control with friendly HMI operation

● Air / Electrical pushing cylinder

● Billet Cleanout system

● Internal self-contained hydraulic power pack.

● Heavy-duty steel construction.

● Critical wear items manufactured from hardened steel.

● Feeder steps designed to prevent stacking.

● High speed chain exit conveyor.

● Variable speed exit conveyor motor and gearbox.

● Heavy-duty multi-chain drive.

● Beveled sprockets for smooth chain meshing and noise reduction.

● Variable speed motor and heavy-duty gearbox.

● Heavy-duty steel construction.

● Critical wear items manufactured from hardened steel.

● Solid state lost motion controls.