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Sucker Rod Induction Forging

Sucker Rod Induction Forging

Metal forging is to use the malleability of metal and its ability to produce malleable deformation to form a blank into a part or blank with a certain shape, size, internal structure and mechanical properties that meet the requirements with the help of tools or dies under the action of external impact force or pressure

Sucker rod forging refers to partially heating both ends of the sucker rod and upsetting it into left and right joints, namely male and female joints, so that the joint and the sucker rod become a whole.

Induction forging is an advanced heating forging technology with high quality, high efficiency and low consumption, which is widely used in the production of sucker rods. Due to its advantages of fast heating speed, stable heating temperature and high degree of automation, induction forging is favored by the majority of manufacturers.

Sucker Rod Induction Forging Equipment designed and manufactured by TY Induction is small size, easy to work with any equipment, very easy to install, commissioning and operate.

TY Induction heater heats sucker rods to the required temperature in a short time, reduce oxidation, save material, good uniformity and improve forging quality

Features TY Induction Sucker Rod Induction forging machines.

l   The induction heating power supply adopts the most advanced IGBT technology and series resonance circuit

l  Automatically control the speed of the transmission mechanism according to the set parameters

l  Automatically control the output power of the induction heating power supply according to the load condition

l  Automatic loading, automatic feeding by frequency conversion, automatic heating, and automatic discharging

l  Control unit customers can choose relay control or PLC with touch panel HMI

l  Perfect protection function and high reliability

l  Can work 24 hours 7 days


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