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Sucker Rod Hardening and Tempering

Sucker Rod Hardening and Tempering

The sucker rod is the slender rod of the pumping well. It is connected to the polished rod on the top and the sucker pump to the bottom to transmit power. The length of a single sucker rod is 7.62 or 8 meters and 9.14 meters, and the material is generally quenched and tempered low-carbon alloy steel. It is connected with the inner thread clamps in the oil pipe one by one, and extends to the piston at the underground oil layer. Reciprocates to pump oil.

Sucker rods are high-strength metal rods used in oil fields to pump oil. Due to the high working intensity, the performance requirements for the sucker rod are high. The quenching and tempering of sucker rods are very important. The heat treatment process can improve the mechanical properties and fatigue resistance of the rod body, thereby improving the performance of the sucker rod, prolonging the service life of the sucker rod, and reducing the cost. 

Induction hardening and tempering is to use high-frequency current to heat the sucker rod and quickly spray water for cooling, increase the hardness of the sucker rod, improve the mechanical properties of the rod body, and then continuously heat for tempering to eliminate the stress caused by quenching.

 The sucker rod heat treated by induction hardening and tempering machine has good surface quality, small brittleness, not easy to oxidize and decarburize, and small deformation. Therefore, induction quenching and tempering equipment is widely used in the production of sucker rods.

 Induction Hardening and Tempering System is mainly composed of two parts: induction heating power supply and mechanical transmission mechanism. TY Induction’s Induction Hardening and Tempering Line has such features below.

l   The induction heating power supply adopts the most advanced IGBT technology and series resonance circuit

l  Reasonable control of the distance between the inductor and the quenching coil shortens the time that the heated bar is exposed to the air, reduces the oxide skin of the rod, and reduces energy consumption.

l  Automatically control the speed of the transmission mechanism according to the set parameters

l  Automatically control the output power of the induction heating power supply according to the load condition

l  The rod is also rotating while advancing during the conveying process to ensure the uniformity of heating and quenching cooling

l  Automatic loading &feeding by frequency conversion, automatic heating, and automatic discharging

l  The outlet of the hardening heating coil and the outlet of the tempering heating coil are respectively equipped with an infrared thermometer to detect the temperature

l  Control unit is PLC with touch panel HMI

l  Can work 24 hours 7 days

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