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CNG /Oxygen Cylinder Sealing

CNG /Oxygen Cylinder Sealing

CNG cylinder sealing with Induction Heating is of good quality and good looking. The Induction Heater designed and manufactured by TY Induction is a fast-heating method - induction heating, equipped with an infrared thermometer to detect the temperature in real time and send the signal back to the induction heating power supply to adjust the output power and then control the temperature.

CNG cylinder is a high-pressure container used to store compressed natural gas. This high-pressure container filled with flammable and explosive gas is an explosive pressure container. The storage pressure of the vehicle gas cylinder is 20MPa. The steel liner is generally made of seamless steel pipe, which is formed by sealing the bottom and mouth at two ends of cylinder.

The bottom and the mouth of CNG cylinder adopts the hot spinning process, and the special profiled rotary wheel or scraper is used for multi-pass feeding at high speed, and it is formed by air mold. One end of the sawn tube blank is heated to the required temperature and then formed on a spinning machine.

The quality and safety of the gas cylinder manufacturing process are directly affected by the quality of the bottom-sealing and mouth-sealing processes.

The temperature of the traditional flame heating method is difficult to control, and the temperature required by the spinning process cannot be guaranteed; the impurities such as severe decarburization of the pipe end, such as oxide scale, are concentrated in the central area of the spinning surface. Therefore, the bottom and mouth of the cylinder are prone to batch cracks and wrinkle defects.

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