Induction Heat Treatment Machine

Induction Heating Machine

What is induction heating equipment? 

Induction heating provides a controlled method of localized heating without touching the part (component) being heated. Heat is generated by inducting an alternating magnetic field into a conductive material. Induction heating technology has very low operating costs and often results in significant cost savings compared to other traditional process heating technologies.


Preheating and maintaining welding temperatures

Hydrogen baking

Post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) up to 1450° F

Shrink fit processes

Various other applications requiring heat


Oil and Gas


Power plants


Process/Power Pipelines

Pressure Vessels



This highly efficient technology uses non-contact heating to induce heat electromagnetically rather than using a propane torch or resistance heating. Through induction, the part becomes its own heating element and is heated from within. This makes induction very efficient because there is virtually no heat loss in the process.

The time to reach temperature is much faster than with flame or resistance heating - reducing cycle time. Set-up and tear-down times are fast, and unlike flame or resistance, induction allows continuous heating and fabrication.

Induction heating reduces operating costs because the target temperature is reached much faster, resulting in lower consumable costs and labor expenses. In addition, it eliminates the cost of gas, firefighters and heating subcontractors.

Provides excellent joint temperature uniformity. Induction eliminates the inconsistencies and quality problems associated with flame or resistance heating.

Welders are not exposed to open flames, explosive gases, and the high temperature elements associated with flame and resistance heating. Heat transfer methods create a cooler environment, which reduces operator fatigue and improves working conditions.  

Whatever your heating needs are, you can be almost certain that TY Induction has the equipment to meet them. And just in case we don't, we can sit down with you to design your own custom induction heating solution.

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