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Tractor Ring Gears Induction Hardening System

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As the agriculture and construction industries continue to grow, advanced Induction Hardening technology is the first choice for manufacturers producing high-quality tractor parts. Induction Quenching greatly enhances performance, wear resistance and durability of tractor gears.

The internal ring gear in pictures is 304mm in diameter and 40mm in height. The hardening process carries out by working with an IGBT technology Induction Power Converter, an Induction Coil, a CNC quenching machine and two water cooling systems

Hardening process is very important to ring gears because internal ring gears are a key component in the entire planetary gear system. Its main function is to support the planetary gears and limit their movement. In addition, the internal ring gear can also withstand the opposite rotation force of the planetary gear, and ensures the stability and reliability of the transmission system through its solid structure.


This Induction Hardening System has following Features

1.      CNC controlled with English menu operation, friendly HMI and simple operation. Quenching time, upward/downward speed, rotation speed, etc. can be directly input and controlled from the CNC panel. It can save a variety of programs and call them easily. It is especially suitable for complex process requirements such as multi-section and variable speed and when there are many types of workpieces.

2.      15-inch touch panel can collect, display and save input power, output power, frequency, quenching oil flow and temperature, quenching time and number of processed workpieces. Changes in real-time input power, output power and output frequency can only be displayed on the touch panel and cannot be saved, and the refresh time is more than 1S and less than 2S.

3.      Equipped with Minute Touch Controller. The handheld 2D manual fine-tuning controller and locking structure can easily adjust the centering, facilitate Induction Coil replacement and process adjustment.

4.      With Siemens PLC can remotely control Induction Heating Power Supply, two Cooling Systems and communicate between CNC Quenching Machine Tool with R485 interface. PLC and touch panel form Ethernet communication, which has Ethernet and 485 communication functions

5.      Equipped with Flow Meter and Temperature/Pressure Sensor to monitor parameters such as flow, pressure and temperature of quenching fluid.  There is error alarm and prompt if these parameters out of the setting value

6.      It has energy monitoring function and automatically determines whether product is qualified.

If Power input with a huge fluctuation, it will adjust the power according to the production circuit to help every gear heated with same heat; if out of its adjustment range, it will remind you, highly improve the quality consistency.

The average input power, average output power and average operating frequency of each workpiece can be saved on the touch panel, the quenching results are displayed, and qualified and unqualified judgments are automatically made. Customers can also save the average input power, average output power and average operating frequency through Ethernet. The average operating frequency, quenching fluid temperature, flow rate, pressure and other parameters are saved to your computer in CSV format.



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