Fusion Instruments for XRF Analysis Sample Preparation

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers are designed to detect the elemental composition of various materials. These powerful analytical instruments play a key role in scientific research, quality control and industrial applications,

Sample preparation is an essential link in XRF analytical chain. Qualitied sample preparation is critical for performing high-quality chemical analysis with X-ray fluorescence (XRF). Whatever samples are being analysis – loose or pressed powders, fused beads, solid samples or liquids – finding the right approach to sample preparation for XRF is the first steps in achieving accurate and reproducible results.


Fusion is a fairly advanced method of sample preparation. It dissolves a fully oxidized sample at high temperature in a suitable solvent (flux) in a platinum, zirconium or graphite crucible. The molten mixture was stirred and poured into molds to cool, forming glass disks for XRF analysis. It also  can be poured into a beaker to create a solution for AA or ICP analysis.

TY Induction designed Fusion Instrument is high frequency Induction Heating technology based  laboratory device that can prepare glass disk samples for XRF analysis as well as borate and peroxide solutions for ICP and AA analysis.

Our Induction Fusion Machine can help you obtain better XRF analytical result in your laboratory since it is recognized by customers for its fast and excellent homogenization of melt. Its uniform heating leads to highly reproducible results and all its fusion parameters can be modified in order to obtain the desired fusion conditions.


  • Glass Samples, Crucibles, Molds

    Glass Samples, Crucibles, Molds

  • Auto Casting

    Auto Casting

  • 4+4 Fusion Furnace

    4+4 Fusion Furnace

  • Different type of Samples

    Different type of Samples

  • Induction Fusion Furnace with Chiller

    Induction Fusion Furnace with Chiller

  • Auto Heating & Casting 2+2 Stations

    Auto Heating & Casting 2+2 Stations

  • XRF Sample Preparation Induction Heating

    XRF Sample Preparation Induction Heating

Benefits of Induction fusion

High quality of samples with superior homogenization, and  bubble free

highly accurate and repeatable results

Process samples ranging from polymers to ferrous alloys 

Eliminates the grain effect, matrix effect and mineral effect 

High samples throughput 

  • Simple, fast and efficient 

Minimum of elemental losses 

Very cost-effective

Clean and safe

Induction Fusion Instruments used in following Fields

Cement and Building Materials  manufacturing 

Glass manufacturing 

Steel & Metals plants  e.g. precise metals, Aluminum and Copper

Mining and Mineral companies

Chemical Industry 

Materials Research Center in universities and colleges 

Laboratory Equipment Supplying or Manufacturing 

Quality control environments 

 •Qualification and Quantification analysis


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Power InputSingle AC220V/50HZADJ. Heating Time0s~999s
 Voltage AC180~AC240VADJ. molding Time0s~999s
Max. Power4kw (single station)6kw (two or more stations)Vibration Time0s~999s
Oscillating Frequency60~100KHzMax. Tempt.1500℃
Vibration Frequency1 t/min-37t/minSpinning Speed   30 r/min-34 r/min
Fusion Current110~500A  Molding Current120~600A 


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  • Features of our Induction Fusion Instrument

  • High frequency Induction heating technology base

  • Rapid heating: from room temperature to 1000 degrees in 30 seconds

  • High sample throughput  of 100 samples more per day 8 hours

  • Easy operation: controlled by PLC with Touch panel HMI

  • Precise temperature controlling ensures quality of samples

  • 10 user-definable recipes  can be saved

  • Separated fusion and molding design extends service life of Pt/Au crucible

  • Low energy consumption: only heat the crucible, heat the mold before casting

  • Environment friendly: Built-in exhaust system

  • Good working condition: reduced heat radiation