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Hot Extrusion for Seamless Tube

Hot Extrusion for Seamless Tube

TY Induction provides a wide range of Induction Heating Systems or equipment for most pipe and tube production. With a rich of experience, TY Induction assists you in your tube and pipe heating and manufacturing requirements.

Hot extrusion is a metal forming method in which a round billet is heated to a temperature above the recrystallization temperature and then extruded with a mandrel to obtain a mandrel-shaped section tube blank. As the blank of the seamless steel tube is made by extrusion the whole round steel billet after induction heating, there is no seam on the surface of the tube blank.  Therefore, the heating method is critical for hot extrusion.

Induction heating applied to hot extrusion has the following benefits.

l  Fast heating without oxidation, high efficiency, less decarburization on the surface of the billet, reducing raw material loss

l  Extend mandrel service life

l  Billet material can be carbon steel and alloy steel

l  Uniform heating temperature, precise temperature control, small temperature difference, no pollution

Features of TY Induction Extrusion Equipment for Seamless Tube

l  Direct and accurate detection of load current changes to achieve closed-loop control of output power, maintaining constant output power and temperature stability even if external voltage fluctuates

l  High degree of automation: It has the advantages of high intelligence of power supply, accurate temperature adjustment, automatic tracking of frequency conversion, self-adaptation of variable load, automatic adjustment of power, etc. It is a "one-key" operation, that is, the current, voltage, speed After the preset parameters are entered into the intelligent control system, the heating work will be completed automatically.

Infrared thermometers measure the temperature of the steel billet at the furnace outlet. When the temperature exceeds the set temperature range, the control 


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