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Axle Housing Induction Forming

Axle Housing Induction Forming

TY Induction designs and manufactures axle housing induction forming equipment with the following features.

l  The heating power supply is based on the latest IGBT inverter induction heating technology

l  The parameter design of each induction coil is consistent and interchangeable, reducing the cost of stocking.

l  High-flow quick-change connections are used for water inlet and outlet, which is convenient and fast to connect. The induction coil in the heating and temperature holding section has a total water pressure detection alarm and display meter respectively.

l  The feeding area and the discharge of blank are conveyed by roller table. The frequency conversion speed regulation controls the conveying speed. There is a steel brush in the discharge area to remove the oxide scale by friction with the surface of the blank.

l  The loading mechanism adopts electric permanent magnet destocking and transplanting mechanism, which mainly realizes the functions of workpiece translation and hoisting. Features are as follows:

The handling speed is adjustable;

The horizontal/up and down walking mechanism of the geared motor has smooth operation, strong operation and accurate positioning;

The working head adopts an electric permanent magnet suction cup to absorb the plate. The suction cup does not need electric power during the working process. It only relies on the permanent magnet suction to attract the workpiece, and there will be no sudden breaking of the electromagnetic force and the loss of the workpiece will cause the workpiece to fall off;

The system has the ability to automatically detect the falling height and other detection capabilities;

Each mechanism of the system has the ability to decelerate in place in advance to avoid impact;

The automatic walking and lifting drive system is flexible and accurate in positioning; the walking and lifting are stable, and there is basically no impact phenomenon;

Using high-quality and high-flexible cables and annular towlines, all signal lines are single-core wires, which are suitable for rapid bending and movement of the towline, ensuring long-term reliable operation;

PLC control System

The control system includes the main console, touch screen, PLC module and other devices. The centralized control system with PLC as the core is adopted. The main console is equipped with a touch-type human-machine interface. Functions are as follows:

u  Start and stop of heating units and mechanical systems.

u  Control and adjust the speed of the mechanical device to achieve stable operation, and the output power of the heating power supply can be adjusted and controlled.

u   Store the set current, heating time, voltage, power, and reserve the Ethernet interface to read the data. The data can be viewed locally, or read through a USB flash drive or remotely through Ethernet and RS485.

u  It can display and save the highest temperature of the billet.

u  All data is stored in the U disk of the external interface of the touch screen, with a storage capacity of 8G.

u  The control mode is divided into manual and automatic. In the manual mode, the actions of each component are individually controlled, mainly for equipment adjustment and maintenance; in the automatic mode, the entire set of equipment is controlled to run continuously and automatically according to the set parameters.

u  There is a display of operating data such as DC voltage, DC current, and oscillating current on the touch screen.

Temperature Control System

u  Shimaden regulator and Optris infrared thermometer can display the surface heating temperature of the moving blank in real time.

u  Infrared thermometer temperature range: 485-1050 , repeatability 10 , resolution 5℃

u  The regulator converts the current signal of 4-20 mA received from the infrared thermometer into a temperature value. When the temperature value exceeds or falls below the set value, it outputs an alarm power free signal to the PLC. Light alarm prompt;


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