Closed-loop Water Cooling System

Closed loop water cooling system is Crucial to Induction Heating Machine. Quality of cooling water is very important to guarantee reliability of Induction Converter. The water shall be free from impurities. DOT NOT use well water or river water

To prevent the scale formation, ensure good cooling result, and greatly reduce the failure rate, Soften Water or Deionized (DI)Water are strongly recommended as cooling water. Closed DI Water Cooling System consists of closed cooling tower, Pump station & DI water tank and control box

To cool critical processes in petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, and other heavy industrial environments, many plant owners and operators rely on closed-loop cooling as the cooling method of choice.


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    60T Water Cooling System

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    130T Water Cooling System

  • Control Panel

    Control Panel

A closed-loop cooling system consists of four elements.

Heat load - An industrial process or device that reduces heat as a by-product; for example, an air compressor or furnace.

Heat exchanger - A device that transfers heat to a cooler medium; for example, a fluid cooler or radiator.

Pump Systems and Controls - Circulate heat transfer fluids from a heat load to a heat exchanger.

Piping System - Piping and valves used to connect system components; allows fluid circulation between the heat load, the heat exchanger, and the pump system.

What is closed-loop cooling?

A closed-loop cooling system maintains optimal temperatures inside a sealed enclosure while keeping warm ambient air, moisture, dust and other airborne contaminants out. By circulating cool, clean air within the electrical enclosure (and through the heat-generating components), closed-loop cooling systems help protect sensitive electronic components and extend their life. In a typical closed-loop air conditioner, heat is transferred from the enclosure components by circulating air around and through them. The air is then cooled, dehumidified and returned to the enclosure without allowing air from outside the enclosure to enter. Heat is removed from the air inside the air conditioning unit and discharged through the vapor compression refrigeration cycle.

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Power Input380v, 3ph, 50hz
Cooling Capacity175,000/550,000 kcal/h
Fan Power4kw x2
Fan Air Flow80000 m3/h x 2
Spray Pump3kw, 150m3/h, 5m  
Main Pump15kw, 100m³/h, 36m (for Inductors or transformer)7.5kw, 50m³/h, 32m (for induction power supply)  
Working Pressure 0.1 to 0.3 MPa


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● Ensure reliability of machine as well as easy to prepare and installation

● No need does any civil work. Just connect water pipes

● Closed-cycle cooling water and no impurity, ensure the purity of cooling water

● Stainless steel pump and stainless-steel pipe connection avoid rusting, ensures cooling water clean in the system.

● Small space required, easy to install.

● Operation is simple and reliable.

● Cooling water tank and DI water tank use stainless steel avoid rusting