Induction Chain Hardening and Tempering Equipment

Induction heating is a fast, precise, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and controllable heating method. TY Induction offers you a custom-made induction In-line Chain Heat Treatment Equipment for heat treating of all kinds of chains, especially for anchor chain heat treating and mining chain heat treatment. Chain production requires guaranteed efficiency, product quality and process speed. TY Induction's chain induction heat treating line integrates hardening and tempering process to produce high grade and premium quality chains. To meet the increased production rate, guaranteed line speed and top-quality chains, TY Induction's chain induction heat treating machine is designed with four induction heaters with different frequency and 14 pieces of coils to guarantee the mechanical characters of chain and high throughput. Four infrared thermometers installed at different locations achieves precise temperature control. TY Induction's chain induction hardening and tempering system is remotely controlled by Siemens PLC, and the touch panel provides a friendly human machine interface (HMI). This chain induction heat treatment solution is a turnkey project including electric units, water- and air-cooling unit, quenching media filter, control unit with many detectors and sensors, mechanical driving unit, pipeline and safety measures such as suitable guards, railings and shields. TY Induction's chain heat treatment system is sold to some of the world's leading chain manufacturers.


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What is induction tempering?

Induction tempering is a heating process that optimises the mechanical properties of hardened parts, such as toughness and ductility.

What are the advantages of induction tempering?

The main advantage of induction tempering is speed. Induction can temper workpieces in minutes, sometimes even seconds. Furnace tempering typically take hours. And, as induction tempering is perfect for inline integration, it minimizes the number of components in the process. Induction tempering facilitates quality control of individual workpieces. Integrated induction temper stations also save valuable floor space.

Where is induction tempering used?

Induction tempering is widely employed in the automotive industry to temper surface-hardened components such as shafts, bars and joints. The process is also used in the tube and pipe industry to temper through-hardened workpieces. Induction tempering is sometimes performed in the hardening station, other times in one or several separate temper stations.

TY company offers a diverse range of products including Induction Heating Systems for Forging, Induction Brazing Equipment, Sample Preparation Equipment for Spectral Analysis, and Electric Power Capacitors/Tank Capacitors. Feel free to reach out for inquiries or discounts!

Induction Chain Hardening and Tempering Equipment

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Output Power720KW
Output Frequency8khz-50khz
Power Input342V-430V, 3ph, 50/60hz
Processing Chain Size D6 to D20
DimensionL12.54m x W7.46m x H5.5m


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The features of TY Induction chain heat treating system are as follows:

1. Chain is heated by four IGBT technology-based induction power supplies and fourteen coils.

2. Full digital control system features a multilingual touch panel , working by Siemens PLC.

3. The induction heating power suppliers have built-in Siemens PLC and central microprocessor CPU control unit to realize effective control and management, which can communicate with the main control cabinet and realize remote control and management of the induction heaters / power suppliers.

4. Advanced control unit design ensures speed and quality of the induction heating process

4.1. The circuit board adopts European-style plug-in structure, with reliable contact, convenient for testing and replacement, and more detailed working status, signal and fault indication;

4.2. The external connection adopts terminal and optical fiber transmission, which has higher reliability and anti-interference;

4.3. Integrate a highly isolated 0-10V and 4-20mA standard control signal port, which is convenient for remote control;

4.4. It has constant power/constant current working mode selection to meet the needs of users under different usage conditions;

5. Each component of the heating power supply/induction heater has working status monitoring, and each radiator has temperature sensor. After these monitoring signals are processed by the CPU, they can be adjusted and viewed at any time from touch panel. At the same time, remote communication is realized through PLC to achieve remote status monitoring which enables the operator to learn the working status of the induction heating power supply / induction heater at any time.  And if an alarm occurs, he can quickly know which components the alarm came from.

6. The structure design realizes the separation of water and electricity, and the failure caused by the leakage of cooling water is avoided to the greatest extent.

7. Series resonance, full-wave rectification, low harmonics, power factor always ≥92%, high efficiency and energy saving, little interference to power grid harmonics

8. User-friendly coil / inductor change.

9. The height of the Induction Chain Heat Treatment line is only 5.5 meters.

10. Stainless steel Guiding plate and tube at coil/inductor inlet and outlet to prevent knots and tangling of chain.

11. The Anchor Chain Heat Treating Equipment includes three cooling systems: one for four induction heaters / power supplies; one for all coils / inductors; one for quenching media.