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Induction Forging of Ring Gear

Induction Forging of Ring Gear

Induction Heating Equipment for Forging is an advanced heating manufacturing technology with high quality, high efficiency and low consumption, which is widely used in the production line of auto parts. Due to its advantages of fast heating speed, stable heating temperature and high degree of automation, it is loved by the majority of auto parts manufacturers.

Since induction heating only heats the workpiece and not the atmosphere around the workpiece, the transfer of heat and energy becomes more efficient.

The induction forging process is highly controllable, meaning it can be repeated easily and quickly again and again with little variation in the results

Induction Forging System from TY Induction has the following features.

l   Dynamically monitor the load current changes of the series resonant coils, and timely closed-loop control the output power of the power supply to ensure stable heating temperature

l   The heating power supply is based on the latest IGBT inverter induction heating technology

l   High productivity: Dual Heating stations

l   Perfect detection, self-diagnosis, alarm function and safety protection device

l   The built-in operation panel displays the running status of the machine and is used for fault diagnosis; manual operation or man-machine interface operation mode can be selected.

l   High-flow quick-change connections are used for water inlet and outlet, which is convenient and fast to connect.

PLC Control Unit

The control system includes the main console, touch screen, PLC module and other devices. The centralized control system with PLC as the core is adopted. The main console is equipped with a touch-type human-machine interface. Functions are as follows:

l   Start and stop of heating units, mechanical systems and cooling system.

l   Control and adjust the speed of the mechanical device to achieve stable operation, and the output power of the heating power supply can be adjusted and controlled.

l    Store the set current, heating time, voltage, power, and reserve the Ethernet interface to read the data. The data can be viewed locally, or read through a USB flash drive or remotely through Ethernet and RS485.

l   It can display and save the production data.

l   All data is stored in the U disk of the external interface of the touch screen, with a storage capacity of 8G.

l   The control mode is divided into manual and automatic. In the manual mode, the actions of each component are individually controlled, mainly for equipment adjustment and maintenance; in the automatic mode, the entire set of equipment is controlled to run continuously and automatically according to the set parameters.

l   There is a display of operating data such as DC voltage, DC current, and oscillating current on the touch screen.


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