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We've organized hundreds of application notes covering many different heating processes taken over the 15 years we've spent helping companies like yours. Select from the processes below to find the note that matches yours or suggests other induction solutions.

Induction Heating Applications

Induction heating technology is flexible and versatile. The ability to heat any electrically conductive material means induction can be used for a wide range of processes. Induction provides a clean, fast, efficient and safe alternative to flame torches, infrared and resistance heaters.

TY Induction's modular design allows for future updates and expansion of production capabilities as needs change. Our on-site 24/7 service center is on call to assist with setup, training and repairs, and to keep your line running.

Browse our most common induction heating applications below to see how TY Induction can find a solution for you!

Tube&pipe production, induction heating in railway, induction melting,automotive industry, induction shrink fitting, medical industry with induction, oil and gas, bolt and nut induction forging, hardware and tools, defense and military............


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Why Induction Heating Applications?

Induction heating is the best way to provide fast, focused and consistent heat for a variety of manufacturing processes that involve bonding or changing the properties of metals or other conductive materials. Induction heating allows you to quickly heat the object of your application while limiting contamination. The process relies on an induced current within the material to generate heat. Induction heating provides solutions for brazing, hardening, preheating and post-heating, hot press fitting, annealing, welding and other applications.

Some of the common reasons for turning to induction heating applications include:

Reducing scrap and defects

Implementing controlled and repeatable processes that are not operator dependent

Eliminating batch processing associated with oven heating and enabling one-piece processes

Safe, flameless heating

Improve energy efficiency

Uniform, highly controllable and repeatable heating

Increased productivity through rapid ramp-up heating

Low maintenance requirements and easy-to-use system

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