Brass/Copper Induction Heating Machine

Induction heating is a relatively new heating method and is very popular with metal fabricators because of its distinctive properties. The skin effect of induction heating causes the current to concentrate on the surface of the part to be heated, forming a highly selective heat source on the metal surface. Induction heating does not require an external heat source, but only uses the heated part itself as a heat source. The parts heated in this way also do not need to be in contact with the inductor that generates the current.

 Because of the non-magnetic conductivity and fast heat transfer characteristics of brass and copper alloys, the parameter design of induction heating equipment is different from that of steel induction heating equipment. Compared with the heating of steel, copper and brass induction heating equipment requires high frequency and large output current, which means that the power density is large. TY Induction Brass and Copper Alloy Induction Heating Machine is a remote automatic operation console with touch screen or industrial computer system, with a temperature measuring device to accurately measure the temperature of brass and copper alloys during the heating process.


  • Copper Strip Annealing

    Copper Strip Annealing

  • Brass Φ25

    Brass Φ25

  • Copper Strip Induction Heating

    Copper Strip Induction Heating

  • Φ30x40 Brass Induction Heating

    Φ30x40 Brass Induction Heating

  • Brass Φ30x40

    Brass Φ30x40



10kw to 800kw


1KHz to 250KHz

Power Input

342V-430V, 3ph, 50/60hz

Material be Heated

Brass Billets/ Strip/Plate/ Slab; Copper Billets/   Strip/Plate/ Slab; Brass and Copper alloy

Similar Cases

  • Brass Φ25

    Brass Φ25

  • Copper Strip Annealing

    Copper Strip Annealing

  • Brass Φ30x40

    Brass Φ30x40

  • Bras Φ40

    Bras Φ40

  • Brass wire annealing Φ12

    Brass wire annealing Φ12

  • Brass Billet Feeder

    Brass Billet Feeder


l  With specially customized man-machine interface and highly user-friendly operation instructions, one person can operate the whole set of brass and copper induction heating equipment, saving labor and costs.

l  Low energy consumption, saving materials and costs

l  7/24 work. Easy to use, simple to operate

l  TY Induction's induction heating equipment can be started or stopped at any time according to needs, and can be set to be fully manual, fully automatic, or semi-automatic.

l  It can not only heat the whole workpiece, but also local heating.

l  The heating speed is fast and the deformation of the workpiece is small, so that the workpiece can reach the required temperature in a short time, so that the heating defects such as surface oxidation and decarburization of the workpiece can be reduced to a very low level.

l  TY Induction's induction heating machines also have the advantages of high-power utilization, environmental protection and energy saving, safety and reliability, and good working environment.