Induction Heating in Railway

Induction Heating in Railway

The railroad is one of the main engines of modernization, an instrument of economic and cultural dynamics that breaks boundaries. Today, the future of big cities is guided by high-speed rail lines.

The increasing globalization of markets has led to changes in all areas. Trains are becoming more and more environmentally conscious.

Heat treatment for components, bearings, brakes, drive trains, gears, joints and shafts; making induction well known in the industry for its ease of integration and simplification of multiple processes.

In addition to heat treating, there are other applications in rolling stock manufacturing and infrastructure manufacturing (turnouts and rails) such as axle heating and body panel straightening.

With a track record of customer satisfaction over the years, TY INDUCTION is able to provide customized solutions that ensure productivity and profitability by leveraging the experience and efforts of our team.

Application areas

Railroad infrastructure heating (rails, fasteners, turnouts)

Wheel and tire heat mounting

Heat treatment of parts

Brazing of short-circuit rings for electric motors

Heat treatment of engine block parts (crankshafts, camshafts, valves, starter rings)

Paint removal

Straightening of car body panels

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