Industrial Chiller

The air-cooled chiller system assures the stable chilled water supply. The air chilling system functions well in industrial applications such as the cooling of production process lines in manufacturing plants, as well as in air conditioning.

TY Induction’s industrial chiller adopts branded screw type compressor with low noise & vibration, which provides superior performance while lowering energy consumption and dramatically reducing noise levels. High efficient copper condenser and evaporator are made with fined copper tube for heat exchange. Also famous control components ensure stability, durability and reliability. TY Induction’s air-cooled screw chiller systems comes with Eco-friendly R- 407c refrigerant able to delivery excellent performance at high ambient temperature condition. In a word, our air cooled screw chiller unit features high cooling capacity from 90128 Kcal/h to 344000 Kcal/h , but these air screw chillers comes with compact size, easy operation and maintenance.


  • Industrial Chiller

    Industrial Chiller

  • 15P Industrial Chiller

    15P Industrial Chiller

  • Industrial Chiller for Induction Machine

    Industrial Chiller for Induction Machine

  • Industrial Chi;er for Induction Equipment

    Industrial Chi;er for Induction Equipment

Industrial Chiller

Our industrial chillers come as a complete packaged unit that can simply be dropped in place and turned on. The internal tank helps maintain a cold-water temperature to ±1°F to prevent temperature spikes, no matter how many processes are operating. You can count on us to build reliable and custom solutions for every industrial process cooling application. Our chillers take the heat, so you don't have to!


Our industrial chillers use process cooling to draw heat away from your equipment during production. They are ideal for a variety of industries and applications, including: 

Injection molding machines that are protected from overheating by industrial chillers

Plastics, such as injection molding 

Food and beverage

Pharmaceutical and chemicals 

Commercial printing 

Transportation manufacturing 

Metal finishing 

Composite manufacturing 

Laser cutting 

Machine tooling and die-cutting 


Regardless of your industry and process, adequate process cooling is critical to your productivity and cost savings. Tell us about your application, and we’ll design a chiller for you.  


During production, industrial processes generate heat from friction, equipment, or burning. Our industrial chillers use process cooling to direct heat away from the equipment. They help maximize the lifetime of your components and keep your production moving. Process chillers are different than standard HVAC systems that you have in your home or office. A pumping system directs cool fluid from the chiller to your process to remove heat, and then returns the warm liquid to the chiller. By eliminating the heat using the process water, your equipment stays cool. Process industrial chillers have four main components, each playing a vital role in the cooling process: 

The four main components of industrial chillers: Evaporator, Compressor, Condenser and Expansion Valve

Evaporator: As the first step in the cooling phase, process water enters the evaporator, and the heat starts to boil the refrigerant, which transforms it from a low-pressure liquid to a low-pressure gas.

Compressor: Inside the compressor, the gas converts from low-pressure to high-pressure before traveling to release its heat in the condenser.

Condenser: Ambient air or condenser water cools the high-pressure gas, condensing it back into a low-pressure, low-temperature liquid.

Expansion Valve: Finally, the liquid refrigerant travels to the expansion valve and enters the evaporator and begins the cycle again.

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 Refrigerating CapacitykW29.5
Comp typescroll
Comp powerKW7.5
Pump   powerkW1.5
Water volumeL/min180
Evaporator typewater tank type/shell and tube type
Water capacityL200
Diameter of pipeDN40
max pressurebar26
Refrigerant volumeKg6.5
Flow controlCapillary
Protectionhigh and low pressure、overload、antifreeze、delay、over tempt.
  Noise   leverdB(A)66

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1. Hanbell semi-hermetic screw refrigeration compressor, compact structure, design life of up to 150,000 hours, equivalent to 17 years in 24 hours of operation.

2. The stainless-steel pipeline is connected by argon arc welding, without oxide scale, to ensure the system runs clean for a long time. The thickness of the pipe wall is 4mm, high strength, corrosion resistance, and no leakage (anti-corrosion of HCl, HClO, Cl2 and other substances). It can also be coated with an anticorrosive coating.

3. The flexible energy regulation design enables the unit to continuously adjust the energy performance (or stepless energy regulation) between 25% and 100% to ensure the full performance of the compressor and help users save operating costs to the greatest extent.

4. Application of liquid injection technology The exhaust temperature of the low temperature unit is too high, which results in a reduction in the viscosity of the refrigerated oil and a reduction in the lubrication effect, which in turn shortens the unit life. The use of the liquid injection system solves this problem.

5. The use of economizers transforms the single-stage compression of the compressor into a quasi-two-stage compression, saving energy by 10% to 12%.

6. PLC microcomputer programming control, the control panel is LCD touch screen, highly automated, easy to operate, and intuitive interface.

7. Complete protection functions in all aspects of the unit, high and low voltage protection, waterproof, heat protection (double), safety valve, overload protection, under-phase, reverse-phase, under-voltage, over-voltage, water flow protection, etc., electrical appliances are high-temperature node electrical appliances , Enclose the electric control box to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the unit.

8. The whole machine is tested for 6 hours before it leaves the factory. It has been charged with refrigerant and freezing oil. After delivery and installation, it can be powered on and connected to water to use.

9. The evaporator uses a U-shaped tube design. After infrared detection, there is no trachoma and no leakage points, which reduces the resistance.