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Bullet Forming Induction Heating

Bullet Forming Induction Heating

Defense and Military

Induction Heating provides quick, concentrated heat on focused areas which increases productivity, repeatability, and saves on operation time and cost. With its specific experience, TY Induction is able to offer quality processes and target defense and military industry.

An Induction Heating System below from TY Induction for bullet forming consists of an Induction Power Supply (1000kw), a dual heating station and Inductor, an infrared thermometer, a control unit and a closed-loop water cooling system. This induction heating equipment is suitable for raw pipe OD 356mm to 457mm, wall thickness 13mm to 16mm and required temperature 1100℃ to 1200℃.


TY Induction’s Bullet Forming Induction Machine has following features 

 Dual Heating Station for pipes of different sizes reduces the cost of equipment

• Increase productivity by automatically changing coils for new size of pipe

• Automatic frequency change by temperature control

• Power Supplies use IGBT technology and LC series resonant circuit

• High power factor (0.90 - 0.98): No need Compensating capacitor banks for Power Factor correction

• 100% launch up under any load conditions and 24 hours operation

• Self-Diagnostics with Fault LED’s & Alarm Indicator

• Minimized scale reduces material cost

• Better working conditions and environmental protection


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