Induction Shrink Fitting

Induction Shrink Fitting

What is Heat Shrink Fitting?

Heat shrink fitting is a very simple process that utilizes the tendency of materials to expand when heated. Typically, heat shrink fitting involves inserting a room temperature component into another component that has been heated. The room temperature component can be inserted relatively easily because the heat causes the mating surface of the second component to expand slightly. After insertion, the component is allowed time to cool. This cooling causes the mating surfaces to shrink around the first component and form a non-permanent mechanical bond.

Each method of securing a part in an assembly has unique advantages. In the case of hot press fits, parts made of any metal can be assembled: steel to steel, steel to copper, aluminum to steel, magnesium to steel, and so on. Hot press fitting is accomplished at relatively low temperatures, thereby mitigating changes in metallurgical structure and avoiding oxidation. As a result, no cleaning is required after assembly. By selectively heating the external components to make them expand again, heat-shrink fittings can also be easily reversed without damaging the components.

Benefits of Induction Heat Shrink Fittings

Induction heating technology is ideally suited for heat shrink assemblies because it provides precise control and fast heat-up times. Heat can be localized and concentrated so that only the area immediately surrounding the matting surface is affected. This saves energy when heat fitting large parts because the entire part does not need to be heated. It also helps prevent distortion and cracking caused by repeated heating and cooling, making induction ideal for parts that require frequent disassembly and reassembly. Fast heat-up times mean that productivity can be maximized. The induction process produces repeatable and consistent results, which makes integrating automation easy.

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Typical Industries for Heat Shrink Fittings


Power Generation

Oil & Gas

Metals & Foundry




Leading Manufacturer of Induction Heating Equipment for Heat Shrink Fitting Applications

TY Induction is a manufacturer of heat shrink equipment. If you are looking for the right generator to couple and separate components in a heat shrink fitting application, we are happy to assist you in the early stages of your project to find the best solution for you. Our technicians have years of hands-on experience and a deep knowledge base to help you make the most of your induction heating equipment. We also offer operator and maintenance training if you are new to induction training or if your employees need help getting started quickly.

At TY Induction, every project, including process analysis, begins with a consultation with one of our knowledgeable application engineers. Call us or send a consultation request to find out how eldec can help you.

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