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Induction Heating for Pipe

Induction Heating for Pipe

TY Induction provides a wide range of induction heating systems or equipment for most pipe and tube production. With a rich of experience, TY Induction assists you in your tube and pipe heating and manufacturing requirements.

With features of high energy efficiency, precise temperature control and uniform temperature distribution in ID/OD, lateral/longitudinal, so induction heating is widely being used in tube and pipe production for the following processes.

l  Lining Plastic Tube Heating

l  Coating and post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) of pipes

l  Continuous Hardening and Tempering of Tubes

l  Longitudinal seam welding of tubes and pipes

l  Seam annealing of longitudinal tube welds

l  Full Tube Body Annealing

l  Bending

l  Expansion

l  Seamless Steel Tube Extrusion

l  Case Hardening of Tubes 

TY Induction has provided a number of induction heating solutions to manufacturers in the global Tube and Pipe industry. If you are thinking of induction heating for your tube and pipe production, think of TY Induction. We look forward to working with you.  

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