Remelting Unit for Metal Sample Preparation

The Remelting Sample Preparation Machine is a kind of induction melting furnace. The machine will be used for prepare metal monolithic samples for subsequent X-Ray spectral analysis or emission analysis and direct reading spectrometer.  The Remelting Unit for Metal Sample Preparation designed and manufactured by TY Induction includes centrifugal casting device, High Frequency Induction Heating Power Supply with output power of 3.5kW which is mounted together with the under protective gas and under vacuum working induction melting furnace in a compact housing.

Most samples can be re-melted as long as they are powdery, shaving, glanular and columnar within a certain size range. The Remelting Unit for Metal Sample preparation was developed for semi-finished product sampling in the steel industry and is best suited for sampling of most ferroalloys. The centrifugal casting method is to instantly throw the molten sample into a mold of a vertain shape and size and a suitable material by centrifugal rotation.


  • Remelting Furnace for X-ray Spectral Analysis

    Remelting Furnace for X-ray Spectral Analysis

  • Crucibles and Molds

    Crucibles and Molds

  • Induction Melting

    Induction Melting

  • Prepared Samples

    Prepared Samples


Power InputAC220V/50HZDuration of the melting cycle and pouring the sample2 min/pc 
Max. Output power 3.5kwQuantity per time1pc
Current Regulate 35A to 165ACentrifuge rotation speed500 to 900   revolutions/minute
Time Regulate 0s to 999sRotation Radius230mm
 Cooling Water 0.1 to 0.3MPaChamber AtmosphereVacuum + Argon   protection

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  • During the heating process, vacuum pumping and argon protection can be performed to prevent sample oxidation

  • The melting of sample is done by induction heating power supply

  • Induction Remelting Unit PLC controlled and Touch Panel HMI

  • Can control and setting parameter: vacuum pumping, argon gas flow, induction power supply, temperature holding time, casting time, control and display flow of cooling water

  • Good protection: overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature and water shortage

  • Flux can be either pure iron or full sample

  • The whole metal sample preparation process is safe and reliable. The operator puts the sample, closes the cover, sets the program, and clicks the start button to complete the whole process automatically and then opens the cover.

  • Various crucible and mold shapes and materials are designed according to the sample melting conditions.

  • The ceramic crucibles and graphite crucibles we design and produce are resistant to high temperature and thermal shock.

  • The inner layer of the ceramic crucible is coated with zirconia to prevent the contamination of the sample, and guarantee the sample preparation yield.

  • Reduced the cost of sample preparation.