Induction Melting

What is metal induction melting?

Induction melting is the process of heating a metal to its melting point using an induction melting furnace. The metal to be melted is usually placed in a crucible and heated by induction to its melting point. Metals such as gold, silver, copper or special alloys, both ferrous and non-ferrous, can be melted in an induction furnace. Induction melting is cleaner and more flexible than conventional casting methods.

How induction melting works

Providing reliable, repeatable, non-contact, safe and energy-efficient heat by melting metal through induction heating, eliminating heat loss and workplace hazards associated with flames.

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Advantages of induction melting 

High precision through precise localized heating of small areas to meet tight production tolerances

Increased productivity through faster heating cycles

Reduced defect rates through repeatable, reliable heating

Eliminate operator-to-operator and shift-to-shift variations

Maintains metallurgical properties of various metals

Why choose us?

We have 15 years of experience in the industry

We are flexible and can provide customized induction melting solutions to meet your production goals

We are constantly working to develop new technologies

We will guide you through the implementation of your application

We will discuss with you how to maximize cost-effectiveness

Expert sales assistance - TY INDUCTION sales engineers are experts in all types of induction melting and understand the foundry business well enough to recommend the best system for you.

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