Precaution Procedures of Pipes Induction Heater

December 21, 2022

Pipe Induction Heater

Before performing this Pipe Induction Heater, Check followings:

•  Check if electrical connections, water path connections and water hose clamps loose due to transportation and tight them again.

•  Check if circuit boards (PCBs) and all wiring terminations on board inside equipment for tightness and electrical connection due to transportation and tight them again.

•  Check if fastener of Rectifier, IGBT, Isolator tight enough.

•  Check if all fasteners inside Induction Power Supply tight enough

Precaution Procedures

•  People with pacemaker or other metal objects, please keep away from this equipment.

•  NEVER start the induction heating system until you have verified it is safe to do so

•  DO NOT turn on Pipe Induction Heater until you have verified Electric Interconnection and Water Path Interconnection are connected well and make sure everything set well.

•  Keep metal items away from HF output cable about 50cm to avoid Induction Heating.

•  After water cooling system start to work for 10 minutes, the induction equipment can start to work.

• When you finish work and stop machine, DO NOT cut off cooling water supply immediately until you verify the outgoing water cooled to ambient temperature.

•  Switch off water cooling system after Induction Machine stop working for more than 30minutes.

•  Please cut off the power to Pipe Induction Heater when you adjusting the ratio of the transformer(if available).

•  Cut off the power of Induction Bending Heater when the machine work unusually, and contact your in-house technician or our service engineer.

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