The Advantages of Pipes Induction Heater

December 28, 2022

The Advantages of Pipes Induction Heater

Pipe Induction Heating uses electromagnetic induction to generate current (eddy current) on the surface of the metal tube and pipe, relying on the energy of these eddy currents to achieve non-contact heating, making the pipe and tube easy to form or deform. The basic composition of the Pipe Induction Heater includes an induction coil, an IGBT AC high-frequency power supply, a hydraulic power system, a temperature measuring device and a cooling system. Pipe Induction Heating Equipment is favored by pipe and tube manufacturers mainly because of its following advantages:

ㆍ Induction Heater can heat and bend different shape pipe & beam: Square & Rectangle and I & L-Beams

ㆍ Can heat and pipes and beams in different material: Carbon & Alloy steel, Stainless steel

ㆍ Can bend different type of pipes: Seamless pipe & Welded pipe

ㆍ Bending Radius and Angle can be adjusted within certain range

ㆍ Pipe heated uniformly by Induction Machine brings Good Quality of bent pipe: very less Distortion, very less Wall Reduction and good Ovality

ㆍ Pipe and tube heated fast by Induction Machine brings High Efficiency, Low operating cost and Low Energy Consumption

ㆍ Pipe Induction Heating Machine can be operated Automatically & Manually

ㆍ Whole machine is controlled by PLC with Touch Panel

ㆍ Infrared Thermometer controls heating temperature and can Record

ㆍ Movement of push board driving by hydraulic motor

ㆍ Locking of pipe by hydraulic motor

ㆍ Movement of radius arm driving by hydraulic motor

ㆍ Loading & unloading pipe by hydraulic

ㆍ Open & close of clamp by hydraulic

ㆍ Bending angle can be adjusted by Infrared Angle Instrument

ㆍ Adopt Back Pressure Technique avoids shaking ensure pipe moving forward at uniform speed


The Advantages of Pipes Induction Heater

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