6 Reasons to Go With Induction Heating for Your Projects

November 29, 2022

When it comes to heating and melting metal, there are a number of options. Businesses can use induction heating, convection heating, radiant heat, and open flames to get the results they are looking for. For many purposes, using an induction forge during the induction heating process comes with a number of advantages over the other methods. Here are a few reasons this is the best way to go:

Induction Total Heating Equipment


The consistency cannot be beat.


Unlike with other heating processes and methods, when you use induction heating equipment, the consistency is much better. Torch heat and open flame heat are not nearly as consistent as using tools such as an induction forge and an induction coil. This kind of heating can produce remarkably consistent results time after time. You lose the variation or any guesswork you have with other methods. In today’s world where solid-state systems are used, by using this form of heat, you get results that are much more uniform. When working with advanced induction heating equipment, you can get precise temperature readings for each discrete part.


You get more done.


One of the big plusses of using induction melting furnaces is that they get the job done faster. The parts can be heated to more than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit in less than a second. Because you do not have to wait for the parts to heat up, you can get to work right away. Moreover, the system can cool down just as fast. When you eliminate the lag time to heat everything up and then cool it off, you save all of that to start on a new batch. In addition to that, you can do everything on the work floor rather than having to move your metal from one space to another. Soldering and bronzing processes, which take much longer with other kinds of heating systems are completed quicker and rather than doing everything in batches, you can keep the metal flowing through the system. This allows you to do more in less time.


The final product is of a better quality.


One of the beautiful things about induction heating and using an induction forge is that the metal to be melted never has direct contact with the heating element such as a flame. Heat is produced by an alternating electrical current that wraps around the material to be melted, but nothing actually touches it directly. This means the distortion, reject rates, and material warpage are decreased. For an even better quality end product, the entire process can be done in a vacuum. Moreover, any issues with oxidation are eliminated.

Billet Total Heating Induction System


It does less damage to the surrounding tools and parts.


When you use this kind of heating, you can be very specific in terms of what will be heated up. You can make the space that experiences the rise in temperature very small. That means nothing in the area but not being heated directly will be affected, leading to giving these other parts a longer lifespan.


This is a much better heating process for the environment.


More and more individuals and companies are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint. Using induction heating technology, such as the induction forge, use a lot less energy than what is used in other heating methods. Additionally, this kind of heating means your processes will not spew out noxious emissions, waste heat, smoke, and loud noises. This means this process is safer for your workers. Induction heating is both efficient and safe.


Induction heating will lower your energy bills.


As was mentioned, this kind of heating requires less in the way of energy to produce the heat you need. This process takes as much as 90% of the energy consumed and turns it directly to heat. If you use batch furnaces, only 45% of the energy is converted to heat. With other kinds of heating, you have the warm up and cool down periods in which a lot of heat is wasted. Since you do not have that with induction heating, you lose less.


Induction heating uses frequencies that are anywhere between 50 cycles each second to 10,000. It is a safe, efficient, cost-effective, and much more productive way to go.


All in all, if you need to go with induction heating for your projects, please contact us now!

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