How AC Power Capacitors work in Induction Heating Equipment?

January 25, 2024

Induction Heating Equipment


In induction heating equipment and melting furnaces, capacitors are used to help improve power factor correction and increase the overall efficiency of the system. They help in converting the input AC power to a specific frequency for induction heating.


Power Capacitors work in Induction Heating Machine mainly in types of following capacitors

Induction Heating Equipment 

1. Tank Capacitors

Tank Capacitors work in Induction Heating Machine as an energy storage component in LC oscillation circuit. They are connected in series or in parallel with Induction coil to form a resonant circuit in order to generate high frequency alternating current. Tank capacitors are typically of high voltage and high capacitance. The capacitance and number of capacitors depends on the power and frequency of induction equipment as well as the quality factor.

2. DC Filtering Capacitors

DC Filter Capacitors also work as an energy storage component as well as filter part in DC circuit of Induction Heating System.

Filter capacitors also reduce electrical noise and harmonics produced during operation. These capacitors help improve power quality and prevent interference with other equipment or the power grid.


Induction Heating Equipment 

Capacitors used in induction heaters need to have high voltage ratings, high current handling capabilities, and low ESR (equivalent series resistance) values. They should also have good thermal properties to withstand the high temperatures generated during heating.


The power output, operating frequency and voltage level of induction heating equipment are very important factors in selecting parameters such as capacitor reactive power and capacitance.

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Induction Heating Equipment

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