What is an Induction Brazing Machine?

February 02, 2024

Induction brazing is a method of connecting two or more metals through the application of induction heating. This process is quicker, cleaner, and more consistent compared to traditional torch brazing. Induction brazing machines leverage induction heating to execute brazing operations on diverse metal components. These machines come in various types, including general-purpose, hand-held, mobile, and automated units.


Advantages of Induction Brazing


Induction brazing, a method of uniting metals through induction heating, offers several advantages over traditional torch brazing:


1. Quick, Rapid Heating: Induction heating targets only the specific part of the component required for brazing, reducing cycle time and energy consumption compared to furnace or torch brazing.


2. Controlled, Precise Heat Control: Induction heating enables accurate temperature control, ensuring uniform heating of the parts involved in brazing. This results in consistent quality and reliability of the brazed joints.


3. Selective, Localized Heat: Induction heating minimizes the heat-affected zone and metallurgical changes in the parts, such as tempering or annealing. Additionally, it reduces issues like oxidation, scaling, and carbon build-up that can occur with flame brazing.


4. Production Line Adaptability and Integration: Induction brazing equipment seamlessly integrates into lean manufacturing processes, allowing for strategic arrangement, automation, and robotics. It can be utilized in various environments, including air, vacuum, or controlled atmospheres.


5. Improved Fixture Life and Simplicity: Induction brazing necessitates relatively straightforward fixtures to hold and align the parts being brazed. These fixtures tend to have a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs compared to those used in torch or furnace brazing.


Induction Brazing Equipment

TBM Bit Induction Brazing Machine

How Does an Induction Brazing Machine Work?


An induction brazing machine works by using an electromagnetic field to heat up the metal parts that need to be joined, and then applying a filler metal that melts and flows into the gap between them, creating a strong bond.


The induction heating coil is typically wound around the joint area, and the current passing through it generates an alternating magnetic field that induces eddy currents in the metal parts. These eddy currents swiftly and uniformly heat the metal parts without affecting the surrounding areas. The filler metal, usually an alloy with a lower melting point than the base metal, is either pre-positioned on the joint or introduced during the heating process. As the filler metal melts, it fills the gap between the metal parts, creating a brazed joint.


The induction brazing machine exercises control over the temperature, time, and power during the heating process, ensuring precise and consistent outcomes. Induction brazing offers several advantages over alternative methods such as flame brazing or furnace brazing.


Applications of Induction Brazing Machines


Induction brazing equipments find diverse applications across various industries, offering the capability to braze a wide range of metals, including steel, copper, brass, aluminum, titanium, nickel, and cobalt. Moreover, they can also be utilized for brazing non-metals such as ceramics, graphite, and glass. The localized heat and controlled temperature provided by induction brazing machines enable the joining of dissimilar metals and alloys without melting them. This versatility makes them suitable for numerous applications in different sectors, including:


- Aerospace: Used for brazing hydraulic lines, turbine blades, sensors, and various other components.


- Automotive: Applied in the brazing of heat exchangers, fuel injectors, brake lines, electric vehicle batteries, and other automotive parts.


- Electronics: Employed for brazing copper busbars, wires, connectors, and other electronic components.


- Medical: Utilized in the brazing of surgical instruments, implants, catheters, and other medical devices.


The adaptability of induction brazing machines makes them a valuable asset in addressing diverse brazing needs across these industries.


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Induction Brazing Equipment

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