Power Capacitors for Induction Machine/Furnace

The induction furnace capacitor are applicable for indoor use and intended to be used for power factor correction in induction heating, melting, stirring or casting furnaces; also for tune special furnace circuits. The capacitance range from few micro -to several dozen millifarads.


  • Tank Capacitor for Induction Equipment

    Tank Capacitor for Induction Equipment

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    Capacitor Bank in Induction Machine

  • 176uF,1KHz,1.25Kv


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    Vacumm Tank for Power Capacitor

  • Tank Capacitor for Induction Converter

    Tank Capacitor for Induction Converter

Advantages of Induction Furnace Capacitor TY

1. Performance: TY capacitors are meticulously engineered to meet stringent performance requirements, ensuring the efficient operation of various induction furnaces across industries. Buyers prioritize factors such as capacitance, rated voltage, frequency range, and power factor correction capabilities. TY capacitors excel in delivering reliable performance, making them the ideal choice for industries reliant on induction heating capacitors technology. Industries such as steel production, foundries, and metal forging benefit greatly from the superior performance of TY capacitors in their induction heating systems.

2. Durability: TY capacitors boast an extended lifespan, effectively minimizing maintenance costs and downtime for induction furnace operators. Constructed with durable materials and robust designs, these capacitors withstand the harsh conditions within furnace environments. From intense heat to rapid temperature fluctuations, TY capacitors maintain their integrity, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation of induction heaters in demanding industrial settings. Induction heating capacitors like TY ensure consistent performance even under the most challenging conditions, providing peace of mind to furnace operators.

3. Compatibility: TY capacitors are renowned for their seamless compatibility with a wide range of induction furnace models and configurations. This compatibility ensures smooth integration into existing furnace setups, optimizing performance without the need for extensive modifications or adjustments. Whether it's retrofitting an older furnace or upgrading to a newer model, TY capacitors offer the flexibility and adaptability required for hassle-free installation and operation. Industries can rely on TY capacitors for their universal compatibility with induction heating capacitors systems, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. 

4. Cost-effectiveness: In addition to their exceptional performance and durability, TY capacitors are highly cost-effective solutions for induction heating applications. Their competitive pricing, coupled with low maintenance requirements, translates to significant cost savings over the lifespan of the equipment. Capacitor for induction heater options like TY provide cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality, enabling businesses to achieve their production goals while staying within budget constraints.

TY induction furnace capacitors emerge as the top choice for industries seeking reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for induction heating. With their superior performance, durability, compatibility, and affordability, TY capacitors deliver unparalleled value to businesses operating induction furnaces. Cooperated with TY today to experience enhanced productivity, energy efficiency, and long-term cost savings in your induction heating processes!

Power Capacitors for Induction Machine/Furnace

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Dielectric MaterialPolypropylene film
Insulation LiquidNon-PCB fluid
Capacitance tolerance-5/+10%
Maximum permissible voltage  Rated voltage x 1.05 (12h per day)
Maximum permissible current Rated current x 1.15
Dissipation factor (Tanδ)Less than 0.1% (1W/kVAR)
Ambient air temperature-20/+40℃ for self-ventilated (AN) or forced ventilated (AF) -20/+50℃ for water cooled (WF)
Cooling water Inlet temperature less than 30℃
Cooling Water Outlet temperature  less than 45℃
LocationIndoor use
Case Aluminum caseSide board 2mm, Cover and Base 3mm Live or Dead case on request. 


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1. A pressure switch can be used for external monitoring of the internal pressure. It signals 0.5 Pa of pressure rise by closing the contact, allowing for safe external disconnection in the event of overload or failure at the end of service life.

2. Power Capacitors for induction melting can be designed for the individual requirements of our customers.

3. Low dissipation factor, low-temperature rise, long service life.

4. Power Capacitors for induction heating machine have stable capacitance with little variation due to temperature.

5. Impregnated with high insulation strength and non-PCB biodegradable fluid in the vacuum tank.

6. Power Capacitors for induction Furnace are Safe, higher reliability, less installation space, lower installation, and maintenance costs.

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