Pre-sales Services and Design

TY INDUCTION designs and manufactures high quality universal, turnkey and fully automated induction heating systems and serves customers throughout the system life cycle. We offer flexible, long-life and state-of-the-art induction heating machines for heat treatment of tubes, forging/forming, shrink fitting, bending/expanding/extruding/coating, brazing and melting.

Our induction heating systems can be easily integrated into manual assembly processes or fully automated production lines. Our engineers can help you develop customized induction heating equipment, OEM equipment or complete turnkey systems. Our innovations in induction power supply design are the cornerstone of our breakthrough technology today.

Customized Systems

All our products are designed with high quality and reliability in mind. They are available to OEM companies, system integrators and solution providers for integration into their complete power management or induction heating systems.

TY INDUCTION will modify the standard models you see on our website to provide customized solutions where the standard product does not quite meet the customer's requirements or where special features are needed.

We can also create power system solutions in customer-specific packages and provide solutions that require complete equipment racks. We can integrate multiple power supplies, display and control panels, and a variety of input/output and communication options.

Value Added Services

TY INDUCTION offers a wide range of services to our partners and customers to help them support and sell their products effectively.

We can provide both OEM modules that can be integrated into the final product, as well as complete power systems that are manufactured and fully tested to our strict quality standards.

Private Label Services - We can provide complete turnkey solutions, including manufacturing, fulfillment and warranty of the product or system in the customer's name.

We provide design and engineering support for special applications, customized power solutions or ongoing product maintenance and upgrades.

Other Services

In addition to value-added and customized services, we offer the following services:

Flexible warranty periods to ensure that the equipment works properly and meets customer expectations after installation

Technical support and training of your personnel in the use and maintenance of the equipment

Comprehensive information on design parameters for correct integration or adjustment of the equipment

Assistance in determining the best working solution and coil design

Provide on-site training and installation assistance by technicians at the end-user's plant

Utilize remote diagnostic capabilities to help troubleshoot equipment

Engineering support for special applications and temperature control solutions

Whether you want to upgrade your existing Induction Heating equipment or set up a new Induction Heating line of production, TY Induction's competent experts will be happy to assist you with your heating process needs. As response to inquiries, we offer you the induction heating solution that’s best suited to your specific requirements and bring you extraordinary results.
  • Anchor Chain Heat Treatment Line Design

  • Rod Hardening and Tempering Proposal

  • Anchor Chain Hardening and Tempering Proposal