How Does an Induction Heating Coil Work

January 31, 2023

Before we talk about Induction Heating Coil, we must know what induction heating is. Induction heating simply means that the alternating current generated by the Induction Power Supply generates a magnetic field through the induction coil, and the magnetic fluxes pass through the metal workpiece in the coil to generate eddy current, which is blocked in the metal workpiece to generate heat and then heat the workpiece. It can be seen that the induction coil is an indispensable basic element of induction heating.

How does an Induction Heating Coil work? The following picture shows how a typical induction coil works. This is the use of internal magnetic field heating, which is the most efficient one.


How Does an Induction Heating Coil Work

The picture below shows a type of induction heating using an external magnetic field from an induction coil.  

Induction hardening of machine tool guide


Let's see another type of induction heating using an external magnetic field below

ID induction hardening 

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