What Are The Benefits of Using Induction Pipe Bending Machine?

July 03, 2023

Induction bending is a method of locally heating a pipe to a desired radius and angle by using high or medium-frequency induction power. This process is fully automatic and precisely controlled.

What Are The Benefits of Using Induction Pipe Bending Machine?cid=5


Induction bending offers the following benefits:

• Can bend different shape pipe & beam: Square & Rectangle and I & L-Beams

• Can bend pipes and beams in different materials: Carbon & Alloy steel, Stainless steel

• Can bend different types of pipes: Seamless pipe & Welded pipe

• Bending Radius and Angle can be adjusted within a certain range

• Pipe heated uniformly by Induction Machine brings Good Quality of bent pipe:

  very less Distortion, very less Wall Reduction, and good Ovality

• Pipe heated fast by Induction Machine brings High Efficiency, Low operating cost

and Low Energy Consumption

• Can be operated Automatically & Manually

• Whole machine is controlled by PLC with Touch Panel

• Infrared Thermometer controls heating temperature and can Record

• All operations and parameters can be set and monitored on the console

• Everything can be controlled from the console: Induction Heating System, Hydraulic System, Bending speed, Heating Power and Oil Pressure

• Bending Speed can be monitored on the console.

• Realized smart program control and safety management

• Display heating temperature, pushing speed, and induction power supply in real-time

• Realized fault alarm, length, and angle control of pipe bending.

What Are The Benefits of Using Induction Pipe Bending Machine?cid=5

What Are The Benefits of Using Induction Pipe Bending Machine?cid=5

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