Fusion Machine for Oxidic Materials Sample Preparation

A high frequency Induction Fusion Machine for Sample Preparation is used to prepare oxidic and metallic samples for X-Ray fluorescence analysis (RAF), ICP and AAS XRF Analytical System. At present, induction fusion method is known as highest degree accuracy sample preparing method in analytical field. Fusion method eliminates the grain effect, matrix effect and mineral effect brought by pressed disc method. Melting fusion of oxidic materials such as ores, slags, dust, minerals, refractories, etc. in special platinum/gold crucibles (95/5%).

The fusion material in the crucible is melted by induction heating. The eddy currents guarantee that the melt has an optimal mix by the so-called bath movement. By that a constant and homogeneous quality of the melt is achieved. Accuracies of analysis and economy with optimal sample quality confirm the high quality of this method with a minimum of elemental losses, which can be rectified. Stirring will be done by a motorized vibrator that can be selectively switched on. The casting tray and crucible are simultaneously preheated by induction through double induction coils. In automatic operation, the temperature will be monitored by pyrometers. By this method of heating oxidic material fused in Pt/Au crucible with temperature up to 1500℃ can be achieved within 8 min.

An Induction Fusion Sample Preparation Unit consists of a high frequency Induction Generator and chiller.  The high-frequency generator with protective cover is housed in a robust steel sheet housing. The melting process is well observed through the glass window in the front cover. When the cover is opened, the power will be turned off automatically. A fan evacuates the inner cavities of the two melting units from the rear side to protect the operator.

Involved Industries:  

Building Materials such as cement, glass, ceramic, refractory material   

Aluminum, Steel & Metals such as precise metals, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.

Mining and Mineral, Chemical Industry, Materials Research, Inspection and Quarantine


  • Prepared Samples

    Prepared Samples

  • XRF Induction Sample Preparation Solution

    XRF Induction Sample Preparation Solution

  • XRF Sample Preparation Induction Heating

    XRF Sample Preparation Induction Heating

  • Platinum Crucible & Mold

    Platinum Crucible & Mold

  • Induction Fusion for XRF Sample Preparation

    Induction Fusion for XRF Sample Preparation


Power InputSingle AC220V/50HZADJ. Heating Time0s~999s
 Voltage AC180~AC240VADJ. molding Time0s~999s
Max. Power4kw (single station)6kw (two or more stations)Vibration Time0s~999s
Oscillating Frequency60~100KHzMax. Tempt.1500℃
Vibration Frequency1 t/min-37t/minSpinning Speed   30 r/min-34 r/min
Fusion Current110~500A  Molding Current120~600A 

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  •  Good sample quality: homogeneity, no bubble and smoothness

  • Induction Fusion Sample Preparation eliminates the grain effect, matrix effect and mineral effect

  • Excellent reproducibility, minimal elemental losses

  • Highly accurate and repeatable samples

  • Low energy consumption, environment friendly, ease of operation

  • Easy handling and operation safety at increased temperature with minimum time.

  • Fusion Machine for XRF Sample Preparation is controlled by PLC with Touch Screen user interface and 25 user-definable programs can be saved.

  • High sample throughput as many as 100 samples per day may be prepared with 8 hours operation.

  • Induction coils are easy to replace.

  • Long service life of induction coils with special insulation treatment to prevent shorting between turns