Excavator Cylinder Pin Induction Hardening System Passed Acceptance

November 24, 2023

Excavator Cylinder Pin Induction Hardening System Passed Acceptance -- by a Pakistani Client

Yesterday the purchasing manager and an engineer from one of our Pakistani Clients came to our factory to accept the Induction Hardening Machine for excavator cylinder pins.The induction hardening equipment designed and produced by TY Induction has been highly recognized by customers.

Induction Hardening System

This Induction Hardening Machine is specially designed for pin Case Hardening. It can handle pins up to 4000mm in length and 200mm in diameter. The required effective case depth ranges from 4mm to 5mm and required hardness is from 55 to 60HRC.


The complete Induction Hardening System consists of IGBT technology based Induction Power Supply, Induction Coil & Shower, Matching Transformer, CNC Vertical Quenching Machine, CNC Control cabinet and Closed Water-Cooling System for both induction power supply and quenching media. 

Induction Hardening System

Induction Hardening System

The surface hardness and depth of the quenched pins met the customer's technical requirements.

They were very satisfied and happily signed the acceptance protocol.

Induction Hardening System

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Induction Hardening System

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