A New Project Successfully Tested: Auto Induction Brazing System of Concrete Pump Spectacle (glasses) Plates

March 26, 2024

After months of hard work and dedication by our technical R&D team, we are excited to announce that the test of automatic Induction Brazing Equipment for Concrete Pump Spectacle (glasses) Plates has been successful.

Automatic Induction Brazing Equipment 

The wear plates for concrete pump are a critical component in the concrete pumping system. It resembles a spectacle frame, and thus is often referred to as the spectacle plates. Spectacle Wear Plates as spare parts of concrete pump is also called glasses wear plates. The wear of the spectacle plates occurs over the entire plane and is uniform.


A leading construction equipment manufacturer placed this order with us. This customer faced the challenge of poor joint quality and slow production speed with traditional welding methods. TY Induction’s technical team designed this PLC controlled Auto Induction Brazing System significantly improve production efficiency, cost savings and superior joint quality that ensures the longevity and reliability of the concrete pump spectacle plates, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Automatic Induction Brazing Equipment 

Induction Brazing involves using high-frequency induction heating to heat the spectacle plates and filler material to their melting point, creating a strong and durable bond which can prolong service life of glasses plates.

Automatic Induction Brazing Equipment 

Overall, induction brazing technology in concrete pump spectacle plate manufacturing demonstrates how innovative solutions can drive operational excellence and deliver tangible business benefits.

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Automatic Induction Brazing Equipment

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